The 100 Push Up Challenge – Week 10

In Week 10 of the 100 Push Up Challenge we introduce more complex movement into the mix. Luckily it isn't quite as much as last week! Don't forget to sign up to the challenge, it is running all year!

Yo yo yo! Rhys here, its Week 10 and I'm glad to see there are no T Push Ups anymore, haha!

Right now, the worst one on the list is right in the middle, those Linear Push Ups.

If you haven't been keeping up with the challenge, get involved! You can find them all on the 100 Push Up Challenge Page.

The 100 Push Up Challenge Week 10

The Workout

Set 1 - 20 Spiderman Push Ups
Set 2 - 20 Lateral Plank Push Ups
Set 3 - 20 Linear Push Ups
Set 4 - 20 Knee-To-Chest Push Ups
Set 5 - 20 Fist Push Ups

There is a lot of moving about in the challenge now. We have done a lot of simple variations, and some more complex ones, but this is about as much as we will do for now.

Instead, we will start to introduce more difficult simple variations.

Simple variations just refer to ones that don't deviate from the normal very much (grip changes or slight position changes). Complex variations introduce more movement like Knee To Chest push ups.

But that doesn't mean it is getting easier at all. It is going to get harder, and you might need some props too (hint).

Spiderman Push Ups

Back to Complex Variations, this week's new push up is Spiderman ones - so you will need a wall for this 😉

Set up as normal, neutral grip shoulder width apart. similar to knee to chest push ups, you will be bringing your legs up, but this time you do it on the negative as one movement.

When you start lowering yourself to the ground bring one knee out to the side, and up to meet your elbow at the bottom of the rep.

As you come back up return you leg to the starting point. 

That's one rep, next time do it with the other leg, left-right-left-right all the way up to 20.

This is another Asymmetrical push up variation so to keep it balanced we do 10 each side, just like we did before with T and Knee to Chest push ups.

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