The 100 Push Up Challenge – Week 12

Week 12 of the 100 Push Up Challenge is here, the weekly push up challenge running throughout 2021! Each Week I put up a new challenge with a fresh variation to try out!

Yo Yo Yo!

We are at week 12 of the challenge! Next week will mark the 25% of our progress for the year, which is awesome.

If you have been with us since the start then you are smashing it mate, keep it going.

If not, you can check out the full list of challenges that we’ve covered so far on the 100 Push Up Challenge page

The 100 Push Up Challenge Week 12

The Workout

Set 1 – 20 x Pike Push Ups

Set 2 – 20 x Spiderman Push Ups

Set 3 – 20 x T Push Ups

Set 4 – 20 x Lateral Plank Push Ups

Set 5 – 20 x Plyo Push Ups

How To Do Pike Push Ups

Pike push ups are an overhead push up variation that is the beginning step to master handstand push ups.

Start in a downward dog then walk your toes in towards your hands to get your head and shoulders over your hand.

Lower yourself towards the ground to create a triangle with your head and hands.

Push back up into an elevated shoulder position.

Now do 20

Put The Work In, Get Results

The whole point of this challenge is to get you in shape, so do the workout.

If you are unsure of any of the variations, check back over the previous challenges for more details.

Otherwise get these reps in, it takes 15-20 minutes and you will be one step closer to more advanced variations like the one arm push up.

Never Miss A Workout

These challenges get progressively hard each week, so don’t get left behind this year.

Just pop your email in and sign up to the challenge and I will deliver the new challenge each week for the rest of the year!

That’s a fresh challenge each week, building on the last one, progressing towards extreme variations like one arm and handstand push ups.

Join The Challenge!

Every Week I will send you the latest challenge so you can keep up with us all Year!


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