The 100 Push Up Challenge Week 13

Its week 13 of the 100 Push Up Challenge, this week we are moving of these plank style movements and into the heavier strength stuff. This is a weekly challenge running all year! Each week I do a fresh challenge with a new variation, progressively getting from simple to extreme.

Yo yo yo!

Week 13 Blimey, We have it 25%

So this marks a big stepping stone for us all now, as we shift our focus slightly, and start hitting harder exercises in the next few weeks.

If you missed last week’s challenge, check it out here.

And if you want to check out all of the challenges so far, go to the 100 Push Up Challenge Page to find them all.

But you can do that in a minute . . .

Let’s get into this weeks challenge

The 100 Push Up Challenge Week 13

The Workout

Set 1 – 20 Raised Push Ups
Set 2 – 20 Stability Ball Push Ups
Set 3 – 20 Deep Push Ups
Set 4 – 20 Spiderman Push Ups
Set 5 – 20 Lateral Plank Push Ups

Developing Serious Strength With Push Ups

We are slowly moving away from complex movement based push variations and stepping it up into more static variations.

The next phase is to build the initial strength for basic progressions of very advance push up exercises.

These are going to create a solid foundation to work towards 4 Extreme Push Up Variations:

One Arm Push Ups
Full Body Plyometrics
Planche Push Ups
90 Degree Push Ups

Each of these are impressive skills in themselves, and we are going to need to d a lot of prep to get them down, but don’t worry, none of them are impossible.

In fact, the progressions make them all but inevitable, you just build one at a time.

How To Do Raised Push Ups

You will have seen raised push ups before. They are a very simple way of increasing the difficulty of regular push ups.

You will start in the regular push up position, but with your feet raised up on a chair or bench.

From here you just go through the regular movement, lower your chest down to the floor and push back up again.

20 times, thank you.

Increasing The Difficulty

By Raising The Lever

Raising your feet puts more weight onto your hands making the reps harder. This is a classic way to increase the difficulty of your reps because it is simple and effective.

Just as raising your feet makes a push up harder, raising your hands makes it easier.

There are many other ways of increasing the difficulty of your reps like increasing the complexity of a movement – like we have done previously.

Because it is essentially the same movement as a regular push up, you could do a lot of simple variations with your feet raised.

You could do a whole 100 push up challenge with your feet raised . . .

(Watch This Space)

Although this is just the beginning phase, you are working towards handstand push ups with this exercise, so don’t think it doesn’t matter.

More Challenges To Come

But For Now Put The Work In!

I think I will start introducing more challenges into the mix as our arsenal of push up variations expands.

Yes we have already covered a lot of different exercises – its week 13 after all – but there is still a lot more ground to cover if we are going to be doing those big ones I mentioned earlier . . .

As we move forward I will start to explain more about how each variation builds into a specific progression so you can understand how it all works.

But right now forget about understanding, its time for you to do the challenge.

It only takes 10 Minutes!

So Drop and give me 100!

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