The 100 Push Up Challenge Week 18

In the 100 Push Up Challenge Week 18 we are going to need a bit of space to move. This is a weekly challenge running all Year, getting progressively harder from basic to extreme.

Yo Yo Yo!

It’s week 18 of the 100 push up challenge and this week we are going to be doing more explosive plyometric push ups.

Clap push ups are hard, but smashing out 20 reps is more about grit than pure power.

The 100 Push Up Challenge Week 18

The Workout

Set 1 – 20 x Scorpion Push Ups

Set 2 – 20 x Clap Push Ups

Set 3 – 20 x Bear Crawl Push Ups

Set 4 – 20 x Raised Push Ups

Set 5 – 20 x Stability Ball Push Ups

We are finally getting rid of those Stability Ball reps. They aren’t so bad at first, but just like a lot of push ups, by the time they get to the second half of the challenge they are incredibly difficult!

Scorpion Push Ups

Scorpion push ups are all about external hip rotation.

If you have been keeping up with the other challenges we have already done Spiderman and Grasshopper push ups, this is really the last one in the group.

Start in a regular push up and smash out reps as normal.

Each rep you want to lift one foot from the knee and rotate it over the opposite leg to touch the floor on the opposite side.

Alternate legs each rep.

When you do this exercise, try to keep your knees together (or close) to focus on the hip movement rather than spine.

Sign Up Join The Challenge!

Each week I put out a new challenge that is progressively harder than the one before. If you miss a week you miss 2 and before you know it, it’s October and you can’t do any of the variations in the challenge.

Don’t let this happen to you!

We are taking it to the extreme this year progressing to some very extreme exercises like Handstand Push Ups and Planche Push Ups.

If you fall behind you won’t make it.

So sign up to the challenge and get them sent to your inbox each week so you never miss out!

Let me remember for you, pop in your best email in the box below and let’s get really strong together this year!



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