The 100 Push Up Challenge Week 18

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The 100 Push Up Challenge Week 18

Rhys Morgan

In the 100 Push Up Challenge Week 18 we are going to need a bit of space to move. This is a weekly challenge running all Year, getting progressively harder from basic to extreme.

Yo yo yo!

It’s week 18 of the 100 push up challenge and this week we are going to need some space to move about.

Mobility is very important, you need to be able to move, so it is something we should all be including in our training.

I’m not talking about learning the splits, I am talking about movement patterns, building coordination and mobility not the classic idea of ‘flexibility’

If you haven’t been keeping up with the challenge, find them all on the 100 Push Up Challenge page.

But do that in a second, for now, let’s get into the workout!

The 100 Push Up Challenge Week 18

The Workout

Set 1 - 20 Bear Crawl Push Ups

Set 2 - 20 Shoulder Tap Push Ups

Set 3 - 20 Tricep Extensions

Set 4 - 20 Typewriter Push Ups

Set 5 - 20 Raised Pike Push Ups

These workouts are getting pretty strange now hey?

After so many simple variations of push up, we are now doing very complex and interesting push ups that work your body in all kinds of ways.

Can you remember week 1? Can you remember where we started? We’ve come along way together and it’s only going to get more difficult, and more fun, as we progress forwards.

How To Do Bear Crawl Push Ups

Bear crawl is a common ‘animal movement’ exercise. These movements are a very creative way to train, and very effective for mobility and coordination.

It is similar to a Spiderman Push Up, if you can remember Week 8, except that you actually walk along the floor as you do reps.

Start in the push up position as normal.

Step forwards with your left hand and right leg, and lower yourself to the ground.

Come up and step forwards with your right arm and left leg and repeat - that’s 1 rep.

This creates a kind of crawl along the flow. To make it slightly more advanced, and authentic, stay down the whole time, crawling across the floor as low as possible.

Repeat walking forwards for 20 reps - that’s 20 steps with each side not 10 a pop!

Mobility And Functional Movement Patterns

Working on your mobility is really important. Building and strengthening basic functional movement patterns will improve your body audits ability to move effectively.

A lot of people get caught up on the size and the aesthetics of training, and that’s cool, we all want to look good.

But I encourage you to try to think more about the functional movement, because if you are training right, the aesthetics are just a natural byproduct of developing your body.

It is important to get out of the size mentality and the aesthetics because it encourages stress and relies too heavily on perfection and obsession.

Although they are aimed at something positive, they are actually quite negative and will make training stressful when you aren’t getting the aesthetic results that you are visualizing in your head.

If you are thinking, how does the bear crawl get classed as ‘functional’ then let me explain.

If you look at how a person moves, you will quickly see that movement happens in a X pattern - opposite leg to arm.

Watch a person walk and their left leg will move in sync with their right arm.

Dynamic exercises that train this cross pattern are going to stimulate the muscles in your body in the same way, but obviously more exaggerated.

This pushes the limits of the movement pattern, it helps improve the activation of the muscles in the correct natural pattern improving you ability to do the lower level variation (walking) more effectively and efficiently.

The bear crawl is exactly this. An exaggerated form of this basic movement pattern, the position your body is in creates a lot more resistance and because your arms and legs are bent you are always loading them in some form.

It may seem like a silly little exercise - and it kind of is - but it is also very effective and has huge benefits for your body that otherwise may be overlooked and under trained.

Never Miss A Challenge

Each week I put out a new challenge that is progressively harder than the one before. If you miss a week you miss 2 and before you know it, it’s October and you can’t do any of the variations in the challenge.

Don’t let this happen to you!

We are taking it to the extreme this year progressing to some very extreme exercises like Handstand Push Ups and Planche Push Ups.

If you fall behind you won’t make it.

So sign up to the challenge and get them sent to your inbox each week so you never miss out!

Let me remember for you, pop in your best email in the box below and let’s get really strong together this year!

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