The 100 Push Up Challenge – Week 5 – More Than Lifting

The 100 Push Up Challenge – Week 5

In week 5 of the 100 Push Up Challenge we will introduce more movement into the push up. The 100 Push Up Challenge is a weekly challenge I am running all through 2018. Each week we introduce more difficult variations of push ups going from basic to super extreme.

Yo yo yo, week 5 of the 100 push up challenge ALREADY!

This week we are going to introduce even more variety into our workout with some new variations for you guys to try out.

Same format as usual – as it will always be:

5 sets of 20 reps

We are well in the swing of the reps now, it’s been a whole month after all.

If you haven’t checked out the other weeks then get onto the 100 Push Up Challenge Page (It has them all).

Right I think we have had enough of a ramble, let’s get into it!

100 Push Up Challenge Week 5


Set 1 - 20 Irregular Push Ups

Set 2 - 20 T Push Ups

Set 3 - 20 Pike Push Ups

Set 4 - 20 Single Leg Push Ups

Set 5 - 20 Diamond Push Ups


Although this doesn’t seem too difficult at face value, wait until you get to the diamond push ups. This is where you will really be tested.

How many average gym goers can bust out 20 Diamonds, let alone at the last set!

Over the next few weeks we will start bringing in different variations that challenge you in different ways.

I am talking movement, stability, different hand placements and more so don’t forget to check back next week for the next challenge. 

But right now let’s look at the new push up variation we have in this week’s challenge.

Irregular push ups

Irregular pushups are quite interesting and will test you in a different way to most push ups.

With the majority of push ups, your hands are placed opposite each other. If one arm is wide, the other is wide. If one is a fist then the other is a fist.

But with irregular push ups, they are in different positions!

So these push ups are going to test your stability in a big way, and they will also point out little imbalances and weak points on either side of your body.

So where do you put your hands?

Start in the push up position, then move one arm slightly out to the side, and the other slightly further down your body.

Now obviously you are going to do 10 each side, so I would test it out before and figure out which is the weaker side. This way you know which side to start on. 

Your Dominant Side

You will notice with a lot of the push ups we have been doing, we split 10 each side. You will still be doing them for 20 reps in your set so it is important to know which side is your stronger side.

Naturally you will have a bias and it is more than likely to be your writing side.

I am right handed, my right side is ‘dominant’.

This natural bias will show in all kinds of exercises and can become a big issue when you start working on high level skills. This is why it is important to do ‘each side’ type exercises early so that you can work on correct body tension on either side.

It is the equivalent of using Dumbbells instead of a Barbell. With dumbbells you will know after one set which side is weaker. With a barbell it isn't as obvious.

If you never work on simple corrective work like this you leave yourself open for postural issues and injury, neither of which we want.

These challenges are going to get much harder very quickly and it is important your body is strong enough to do them.

I want you to be able to do December’s challenges without too much difficulty, so we need to be training the best way to help you achieve that.

We are going to do this by bringing in simple variations that build to the next ones and then the next ones. Before you know it you will be busting out 20 Handstand Push Ups, plus another 80 other push ups! So you better get ready haha!

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