The 100 Push Up Challenge – Week 8

In the 100 Push Up Challenge week 8, we bring another fresh push up variation into the mix. This is a weekly challenge running through 2018 starting with the basics and progressively getting more extreme.

Yo yo yo!

It’s week 8 of the 100 push up challenge and this week we are bringing in another complex push up variation to step it up another level.

If you haven’t already, head over to the 100 Push Up Challenge Page where you can join and check out all of the latest challenges!

Now let’s get stuck in.

The Workout

Set 1 – 20 Linear Push Ups

Set 2 – 20 Knee-To-Chest Push Ups

Set 3 – 20 ​Fist Push Ups

Set 4 – 20 Irregular Push Ups

Set 5 – 20 T Push Ups

I’ll be honest with you, I am glad to say ‘byebye’ to those T Push Ups, haha.

Also, don’t be fooled by those Linear push ups, they are harder than they look!

Linear Push Ups

Linear push ups are similar to Diamond or Close Grip variations, but the offset in your hands will take them to another level.

Set up like a Diamond push up, with your hands together on the floor, then move one in front of the other.

Squeeze those reps out as normal, but don’t forget to switch at 10! (I forgot last week – check the video)

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