The 100 Push Up Challenge – Week 3

The 100 Push Up Challenge is a weekly blitz running all through 2021. Each Week I’m putting up a new challenge for you to try, progressively getting more difficult, from basic to extreme!

Week 3 of the challenge is here!

It’s just passing Mid January and it’s about to get a little more interesting for us with this week’s 100 Push Up Challenge.

Last week we introduced some new variations of push ups Diamond and Wide Push Ups check it out here if you haven’t already!

To see the full list of challenges (updated weekly) check it out here:

Last week we did three, with simple hand position changes, but this week is going to be slightly different.

This week is the first that we are doing the TRUE format of the challenge – 5 x 20 Push Ups

It is important that we covered those two initial weeks with less variations for two reasons:

1 – Train the actual REPS, you need to be able to do the volume

2 – Train simple position changes for better focus on different muscles

If you have done Week 1 and Week 2 you will know that the latter is a step up. This is exactly the same for this week’s challenge.

The 100 Push Up Challenge Week 2

The Workout

Set 1 – 20 x Single Leg Push Ups

Set 2 – 20 x Shoulder Tap Push Ups

Set 3 – 20 x Diamond Push Ups

Set 4 – 20 x Wide Push Ups

Set 5 – 20 x Regular Push Ups

You may notice that we kind of drop down in difficulty as we go through the workout.

This is because you will naturally start to fatigue as we go through so doing the hardest one first will mean you do it when you have the most energy and least muscle fatigue.

Then when you are at your last set and you’re knackered, you can still smash out the regular push up and beast the challenge.

So let’s have a deeper look at these new push up variation

Shoulder Tap Push Ups

Shoulder Tap Push Ups are nice and simple.

Each rep you simply tap a shoulder, alternating up to 20.

Set up in a regular push up position and do a rep as normal, but when you reach the top of the rep (hen you come back up) take one hand and tap the opposite shoulder.

On the next rep, you will lift the other hand and tap the opposite shoulder.

When you first try them out, you may need to separate the push up from the shoulder tap movement. As you get better try to bring them together into one clean push and tap.

Single Leg Push Ups

You might not think these are very difficult to do, but they are a great exercise for building strength in your core, particularly your lower back.

In a regular push up position, lift one leg off the ground keeping your leg straight and your toes pointed. From here you just perform regular push ups keeping that leg lifted off the ground.

Now obviously you need to do both sides to keep it nice and even, so just do 10 on each side. Start with one leg off the ground and then switch to the other leg and do the remaining 10.

Single Leg Push Ups 3

Balance in your training is important, you don’t want to be really strong on the left half of your body and weaker on the right side, do you?

That’s It For This Week – Get It Done


Right don’t mess about get down and give me 100! This challenge s about taking action and getting your training in wherever you are. That is why we do push ups.

You know what to do so if you are in front of the TV, on your lunch break, whatever, get in position and smash out the reps.

Next week we are going to bring even more interesting push up variations into the mix, for you to take your training even further!

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