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Planche Challenge Single Leg Extensions More Than Lifting

How To Planche – Planche Progression Exercises – Part 2

This month I have been doing my planche challenge, a race to the planche against some friends I do gymnastics with. You can get a bit more out on the planche challenge here.   In the last post I went over a few exercises that will help you with your planche progression. These are all exercises […]

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Planche Frog Stand Locked Arm More Than Lifting

How To Planche – Planche Progression Exercises – Part 1

If you have never seen a full planche, it is difficult to imagine the amount of strength involved in executing it.   The Planche is essentially a horizontal handstand, like a press up but with your feet off the floor, so you are holding yourself up on your hands alone.   Trust me when I […]

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More Than Lifting Top Of Dip Locked Arm Strength

The Importance Of Developing Locked Arm Strength

In a lot of the calisthenics exercises you need to use straight or locked arms. It is really really important you develop this locked arm strength as you progress or you will find it very difficult to develop it later on.     When you are training things like L Sits, Leg Raises, Levers and […]

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The Planche Challenge – How I Plan On Beating My Gymnastics Friends To Planche

Last night I was training for an up and coming gymnastics competition I have decided to compete in – despite having done gymnastics less than a year.     One of the more experienced guys had come back after a few weeks off and he was telling me about his new training targets, mastering the […]

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Hanging Leg Raises More Than Lifting Calisthenics Foundation Course Image

How To Do Hanging Leg Raises

Hanging leg raises are a great core exercise that work almost all of the muscles in your body. Naturally this makes hanging leg raises pretty difficult.     This exercise will help you build up so much strength in your core that you absolutely must be doing it, no excuses.   Hanging leg raises work: […]

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The Simplest Way To Eat Right And Not Mess Up Those Hard Hours Of Training

A lot of people will try and tell you that their diet is best. There is someone who has gone out and debunked every diet imaginable, and over exaggerated the results that they get from their super special one size fits all ultimate awesome diet for super bulking, getting lean and losing weight and maximising […]

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More Than Lifting Pull Up How To Train Max Reps

How To Train For Max Reps – Do More Pull Ups

One of the biggest problems I had when I started getting serious about calisthenics was my Max Reps. I was stuck at low reps of pull ups for ages.     Guys, I’m going to tell you now, pull ups are hard. If you haven’t been big on your training, you will probably struggle with […]

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The Only Piece Of Training Equipment You Need To Workout At Home

If you need to train at home, you don’t have the time or energy to get down to the gym or local park after work, but you still want to get seriously strong and into great shape – great news, there is only one thing you need to train your whole body at home, and […]

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30 Challenges In 30 Days – How June Is Going To Be The Most Difficult Month Of My Year

30 days is a long time to hold out a new habit, especially if there is a little resistance. But 30 challenges in 30 days takes it to a whole new level.   I decided to do this after listening to the Menprovement Podcast, there is an episode on there that talks about a guy […]

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How To Pull Up MoreThanLifting Topless Close Grip Lsit Pull Ups

How To Do Pull Ups

Pull Ups are one of the Foundation Exercises you need to be doing. You can do push ups all day but without pull ups you will always be off balance because you will only be working one direction of movement.     Pull ups are a lot harder than push ups though, and most people […]

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