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More Than Lifting How To Inverted Hang

How To Do Inverted Hangs

Inverted Hangs are literally where you are hanging upside down from the bar. Think hanging handstands. This means that you are only above the bar from the waist.   Inverted Hangs are a great way to build muscle tension and isometric strength through the back and front of the body. Hangs like this will also work […]

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Train Live With Us – 28 Days Of Training Live On Meerkat App

Not too long ago a few mobile video streaming apps turned up out of nowhere, and I thought it might be fun to give it a try!     In 4 weeks my training partner is going on holiday somewhere sunny and he wants to get ripped before he goes. Sure he wants a bit […]

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Make Your Own Gym – How To Build A Pull Up Bar In Your Garden That Will Allow You To Train At Home

Last weekend, a friend who I have been getting into calisthenics training, decided that he wanted to put up his own pull up bar so that he can train at home, without having to take a trip to the trees.       It was a really fun project and it only took a day, […]

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More Than Lifting Tracking Your Training

The Biggest Mistake I Made When I Started Training And How I Am Fixing It – Why You Need To Be Tracking Your Training

Recently I have been getting a lot of questions about how to start calisthenics, people often find it difficult to get started when they can only do the basic exercises.     There are a few things to focus on when you’re training:   Nutrition – You gotta eat well to really see a difference […]

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More Than Lifting Skin The Cat Rhys Colour Wheel The Most Complex Joint In Your Body Anatomy Of The Shoulder

The Most Complex Joint In Your Body – The Anatomy Of The Shoulder

What is the most complex joint in your body?   A lot of people would suggest the wrist, and to some extent they may have a point, but more fundamental than that is the shoulder.   The shoulder girdle is covered in muscles that allow complex and multi directional movement ad it forms the basis […]

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Front Lever More Than Lifting Never Plateau

Never Plateau – How Calisthenics Will Help You Overcome Every Training Obstacle

One of the biggest struggles people come across in their training is the dreaded plateau, where you get to a certain point in your development, and suddenly everything stops.   No matter how hard you try you just don’t seem to be getting any further.     Getting past this point can be quite difficult […]

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Human Flag Train Anywhere More Than Lifting

Train Anywhere! How To Stop Relying On Your Gym Membership

At More Than Lifting we know that there is more to training than lifting weights, but how can you train anywhere if you rely on the gym to do it?   It seems almost silly, that people work in little boxes all day, sit in little boxes to get about and then go to communal […]

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Handstand Different Training Methods More Than Lifting

Different Training Methods – Smart Training

You know when you see the supersizers at the gym, I mean the proper size goons who have to walk with their arms out at the side because they have so much muscle, the automatic assumption we make is that they are the strongest guys in the room.     Sadly this misconception has cost […]

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Biased Pull Ups Fundamental Movements More Than Lifting

The Fundamental Movements – Understanding How Our Body Moves

There are very few movements our muscles and joints will allow us to make. To develop total body control,  you need to work each of the fundamental movements.   If you are only working one, or neglecting one of these movement types your body will lose balance and your posture and overall strength will suffer. […]

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The Importance Of Stretching More Than Lifting

Get Flexible – The Importance Of Stretching

Stretching is one of the most important things you can do when training. If you aren’t stretching before you start training you are likely to injure yourself. When you are doing calisthenics, it is even more important to stretch because you are using your entire body to train.     Sometimes you can get away […]

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