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Biased Pull Ups Fundamental Movements More Than Lifting

The Fundamental Movements – Understanding How Our Body Moves

There are very few movements our muscles and joints will allow us to make. To develop total body control,  you need to work each of the fundamental movements.   If you are only working one, or neglecting one of these movement types your body will lose balance and your posture and overall strength will suffer. […]

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The Importance Of Stretching More Than Lifting

Get Flexible – The Importance Of Stretching

Stretching is one of the most important things you can do when training. If you aren’t stretching before you start training you are likely to injure yourself. When you are doing calisthenics, it is even more important to stretch because you are using your entire body to train.     Sometimes you can get away […]

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Dips A Simple Starting Point More Than Lifting

How To Get Started With Calisthenics – A Simple Starting Point

So you want to start calisthenics training, but you just don’t know where to begin? Maybe you haven’t done any training in a while and want to get back into shape without the gym? It can be kind of overwhelming to look at people doing advanced exercises. Let’s face it, you just don’t know how […]

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Welcome To More Than Lifting

Welcome to More Than Lifting, the total calisthenics training site.   Here I will be sharing my tips on progressive calisthenics training, to help you get out of the gym and learn serious body control.   I believe here is more to training than lifting weight and I have started this site to help others […]

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