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How To Do Diamond Push Ups

​You’ve got Regular Push Ups in the bag, now step it up with this chest shredding Diamond Push Up variation. Diamond Push Ups are a favourite among fitness professionals and enthusiast alike. They are quite well known for attacking those Pecs and make for a great variation to add a bit of variety to your training.Things […]

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How To Do Push Ups

Push Ups are arguably the most well know exercise, other than Squats (obviously). They are simple, need no equipment and come free with an unlimited amount of variations so you will never get bored of them!Things You Will Need To Do Push Ups:One of the great things about push ups is you don’t need anything!You […]

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How To Do Bodyweight Rows

​You want to start bodyweight training? But you can’t do pull ups yet? This is exactly where to start! Bodyweight Rows, inverted rows, or just rows, are the ‘Level 1’ of Pull Exercises. On this page I am going to show you how to do bodyweight rows, start to finish, so you can get training!Things You […]

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How To Do Dips

​Dips, that is what will get you that big chest. Lots of dips! Dips are the main Push Exercise in bodyweight training. The make up Half of your Strength Training (more or less) but don’t let that put you off. There are plenty of Variations to try once you master this basic bodyweight exercise.Things You Will […]

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How To Do Korean Dips

You can do dips, you can do single bar dips? Well how about some of these Korean Dips!? Korean Dips are a powerful dip variation that will really test your shoulder mobility. They are quite a limited variation because there are only a few exercises you can learn off the back of it, but they are […]

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Legs Day – Calisthenics Squat Variations

Legs day, the dreaded day of everyone’s week that will turn even the strongest man into a little girl when it comes to tackling stairs in the morning.     Why Squats Matter   Squats are the perfect exercise for your lower body, I’m sure it comes as no surprise. If you are spending time […]

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Handstand Different Training Methods More Than Lifting

How To Handstand

Handstands used to be so easy. When you were a kid, handstands just didn’t seem like much of a challenge. I remember there was a boy at my school who could walk around on his hands forever. I used to be kinda jealous of that to be honest.   Check out the Complete Beginner’s Guide […]

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Elbow Lever Planche Progression More Than Lifting

How To Planche – Planche Progression Exercises – Part 3

Here is the final installment of my planche progression exercises, these are the most advanced exercises in the series so make sure you have worked through the other two before you try any of these exercises. You can find Part 1 and Part 2 here, and more about the Planche Challenge here.   Planche Progression […]

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Planche Challenge Single Leg Extensions More Than Lifting

How To Planche – Planche Progression Exercises – Part 2

This month I have been doing my planche challenge, a race to the planche against some friends I do gymnastics with. You can get a bit more out on the planche challenge here.   In the last post I went over a few exercises that will help you with your planche progression. These are all exercises […]

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Planche Frog Stand Locked Arm More Than Lifting

How To Planche – Planche Progression Exercises – Part 1

If you have never seen a full planche, it is difficult to imagine the amount of strength involved in executing it.   The Planche is essentially a horizontal handstand, like a press up but with your feet off the floor, so you are holding yourself up on your hands alone.   Trust me when I […]

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