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Hanging Leg Raises More Than Lifting Calisthenics Foundation Course Image

How To Do Hanging Leg Raises

Hanging leg raises are a great core exercise that work almost all of the muscles in your body. Naturally this makes hanging leg raises pretty difficult.     This exercise will help you build up so much strength in your core that you absolutely must be doing it, no excuses.   Hanging leg raises work: […]

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How To Pull Up MoreThanLifting Topless Close Grip Lsit Pull Ups

How To Do Pull Ups

Pull Ups are one of the Foundation Exercises you need to be doing. You can do push ups all day but without pull ups you will always be off balance because you will only be working one direction of movement.     Pull ups are a lot harder than push ups though, and most people […]

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More Than Lifting How To Inverted Hang

How To Do Inverted Hangs

Inverted Hangs are literally where you are hanging upside down from the bar. Think hanging handstands. This means that you are only above the bar from the waist.   Inverted HangsĀ are a great way to build muscle tension and isometric strength through the back and front of the body. Hangs like this will also work […]

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