L-Sit Progression Exercises

There Are 3 Main Areas of the L-Sit that require attention to develop a strong L-Sit Shoulder Mobility / Strength Core Compression / Strength Hip Positioning / Straight Legs Each of these have different progression exercises that will help to develop these elements. When you put them all together all you really need to work… Continue reading L-Sit Progression Exercises

The 3 Ways To L-Sit: On The Floor, Supported & Hanging

When it comes to doing an L-Sit there is one thing we haven’t yet talked about and it is really important. When you are learning to L-Sit, you will have different obstacles to tackle than the next guy. Maybe you don’t have particularly good wrist mobility / strength so you find having your palm flat… Continue reading The 3 Ways To L-Sit: On The Floor, Supported & Hanging

L Sit Variations

Most people struggle to do an L-Sit. It is a difficult skill that takes a lot of shoulder strength and mobility, let alone what it does to your core. If you are looking to make your L-Sit harder then you are already doing well, but there is always another step forward that you could take.… Continue reading L Sit Variations