​​​​Live Calisthenics Group Classes

Join me live for group calisthenics classes every week!

I am running Calisthenics group classes 3 Days a week that you can join virtually from the comfort of your own home!

Check out the schedule below and sign up to any or all for just £5 per session.

All Classes Run At 8am-9am GMT

Live Group Coaching Schedule

Tuesdays - Handstands

Master the Handstand in your living room with progressions and conditioning exercises designed to build stability and strength in the handstand


Saturdays - Combined

Combined Strength and Skill training to create an all round workout that will push the needle in multiple disciplines in one session. This is a free session!


Sundays - Mobility

Wind down the week with an hour of stretching and flexibility work focused on opening your shoulders and hips to improve your mobility and look after your joints.


Class confirmation will be sent via email - Please allow 30 mins for email confirmation and E-Ticket to class

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