MoreThanLifting Podcast Episode 20 Partner Up

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MoreThanLifting Podcast Episode 20 Partner Up

Rhys Morgan

In the morethanlifting podcast episode 20, Rhys & Chris talk about training partners. Not just in person but online networks of like minded people who train the same discipline. We also talk about the 33% rule and roles within a training community.

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Chris sometimes calls himself Christ Hatcher accidentally

Rhys is having to put back the scores to Episode 25! So Chris also has a little bit of time to catch up

​Why You Need A Training Partner

This week we are talking about getting a training partner

Having someone to ctrain with, come round your house, meet you down the gym, go to the park together

It has been game changing for both me and Chris

We have always got the best results when training with someone, to help push each other.

It’s the reason Personal Training helps so much, having someone there keeping the energy up and push yourself.

Having someone to turn up and compete with

Just having someone to beat by 1 rep

So there are training partners that you hang out with in real life, but that doesn’t have to be the case.

​Training Accountability & Support Networks

Chris doesn’t see his old training partner but they whatsapp each other progressions and fun exercises

It creates accountability and a little competition, its hugely motivating.

Chris and I talk about our training all the time but we have never had the chance to train together

Rhys is running out to Spain!

There is a lot you can do now with someone without being there in person so don’t feel that you need someone nearby

And if you do several disciplines then you can have multiple ‘training partners’ and they will all create accountability in that discipline

Then when you go to your other training spot – say the gym, you have someone else

It’s a big accountability network

We encourage a multi-discipline approach to training and having one person in each group is going to be game changing

It’s the same with every part of your life

Its great for your personal development because you can have different conversations with different people, rather than the same conversations with the same people.

It helps you find different ways of exdpressing yourself.

When you first start something like calisthenics you want to talk about it

You want to find other people that you can talk to about it, who are doing it.

For a lot of people, just going to the gym every day is unusual

So surround yourself with as many people as possible in as many different way

​Teacher Peer Student: The Roles We Fill In Training (And Life)

Tai Lopez, one of the thing he says is the 33% rule,

In any aspect of your life, fitness or whatever, try to spend 33% of the time with people who at a lower level.

33% with people who are at a similar level

33% with people who are ahead.

It creates a healthy balance between being a Teacher, Peer and Student

Even if you are a 10th Dan, there is still someone you can learn from.

Its really healthy to be in each of these buckets too, and each one will benefit each other

But that doesn’t mean you need to find 3 people in each discipline

But to be aware of each of them, so you can be a bit more mindful about it

You shouldn’t force these things, set the intention, know it will happen

There is that old saying,

When the student is ready, the master will appear

And when you put yourself out there then you will find that it will begin to happen.

Just be ready and open, put yourself in places where it can become a reality

​A Tangent On The 67 Steps And A Real Example Of These Roles

Rhys was one of the first people on Tai’s 67 steps a few years ago,

I was the only one who cantacted him about the last step

We haven’t had a good tangent in a while,

When I first heard of Tai, I didn’t like him, because he disputed my spiritual beliefs

But it was what I took from his words, later I heard him explain and I sat and thought about it.

One thing about his buckets though, don’t expect the other people in these roles is fixed,

At gymnastics I end up helping a few people out, different people every week.

Different people end up helping me,

It is constantly developing and changing

Its an interesting process for your mind to go through,

And it transfers to other elements of your life

Speaking of mindfulness its about time to wrap it up,

​Wrapping up Episode 20

Rock Paper Scissors for the finish,

Double Rock

1 up to Rhys

We’re going to bring the wildcards back on to give chris a chance

That’s it for this episode,

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Rhys Morgan

Hey, I'm Rhys and I'm the Coach at MoreThanLifting I am a Personal Trainer, Gymnast & Calisthenics Coach from London. I help people get into great shape with bodyweight strength and skill training.

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