MoreThanLifting Podcast Episode 22: Isometric Insights – More Than Lifting

MoreThanLifting Podcast Episode 22: Isometric Insights

In the MoreThanLifting Podcast Episode 22, Rhys & Chris talk about isometric exercises and how to start using them. We also talk about Planks and why you SHOULDN'T be doing them!

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Yo yo yo

We haven’t had a good ramble in a while so we talk about trying to fit that it

Today though, we are talking about isometrics exercises

I have been thinking about what I have been doing in my training

I know we talk about it a lot but I thought I would show ou

So for the next episode I am going to do a video of a Week’s worth of training

I think it would give you a bit of an insight into how I use certain exercises and tools

Isometrics are a big part of this training

Isometrics are hold exercises

Planks, Lsits Planche Levers are all examples

Mot people already do some form of isometric in their exercises, pausing at the top or bottom of a rep

But there are specific skills as standalone hold exercises


Planche Lean

The one most people do is the Plank

Thats a few exercises

Thats it, a handful of great exercises you can try at home

One of the great things about isometrics is they are mostly do on the floor

There are hanging variations but we won’t really worry about them for now

So the plank is an obvious starting point

Most people do planks on their elbows, try doing straight arm support instead, or as well

Also don’t get caught up in doing it for time

People talk about doingg 3 minute planks, if you are doing something for 3 minutes its too bloody easy!

Do a different exercise

You might as well be jogging, or zumba

Zumba doesn’t involve a lot of isometric exercise though

You could do quite good isometric work with a partner as well

Acroyoga is a big trend on instagram and that is something you could get involved with your chica

Its something worthwhile looking into

Ben, if you’re listening, let’s do some AcroYoga!

After you’ve got into basic planks you want to move on pretty quickly

A handstand is a great point to move to and is also just a great exercise in general

You might want to look into different yoga exercises

Hand balancing exercises - they call them inversions

Things like the crow stand are great because they are quick to learn and a jumping of point to more advanced exercises

Planche, 90 degree push ups and handstand push ups

And you have loads of variations

You can do one legs, switchers, different twists all sorts

Because of it being a skill development process, isometrics are a great way of seeing your progression, it is the closest we have to being an infant again

Happy Baby Yoga Pose

Great for your hamstrings and lower back, also really good fun

You can’t be angry or fearful when you’re grateful

You definitely can’t be angry or fearful when you’re doing the happy baby pose

And the same goes for a lot of calisthenics exercises

You enjoy yourself testing out these skills and variations

You get into weird positions and learn to hold it, then you learn to move in and around it.

Each time you learn a new skill, there are 3-5 variations you unlock which in turn unlock more and more exercises that you can play with

Each variation activates your muscles in slightly different ways

The point is to get out of the plank, get past it

You see them on HIIT sessions in youtube

And I think - do Flutter Kicks

Doing a time challenge for fun as a little competition is fine, doing it with different exercises in peer groups whatever

But as a staple exercise, its pretty serious

You can make it more dynamic, so stanton your elbows then move to straight arm, then to one arm side plank, then back etc.

You can put you hand forwards, do tap outs or whatever

But there comes a point where there is no more skill development from it and so it gets boring, move on to something else more interesting

And if you really like the plank, press ups

Whats a great plank variation? Press Ups

There are other isometric exercises

Planche Learn, and advanced plank in a way, your in the press up position and you lean as far past your hands you can lean

This builds locked arm strength shoulder, wrist strength and more

Use Soft Landing Attire when practicing isometrics like this in case you fall on your face.

Film it though and DM us your isometric fails because we love it 🙂

Right, we had better start wrapping it up

If you want more info on isometrics check out my article here

Any position you can hold yourself in that hurts, is an isometric exercise, get good at it, then do it with 1 arm

If ou come up with anythingg particularly exotic let me know

Rick Paper Scissors

Lamp / Scissors

Chris Wins

Clawing back one point

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Catch you in the next episode where we talk about something - we don’t know yet

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