MoreThanLifting Podcast Episode 3: Cardiovascular Fitness, Endurance & HIIT Training

In The MoreThanLifting Podcast Episode 3, Rhys and Chris discuss cardiovascular fitness, endurance training and high intensity interval training (HIIT). Also Chris runs a marathon – probably whilst recording –  and we find out why Zombies are inevitably going to be the only reason you need to do any long distance running.


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Fitness, Cardio and HIIT Training


  • Rhys hates HIIT training
  • When we train we don’t think about endurance and cardio
  • Most people like me want to build muscle
  • Fitness is really important too, not just strength


Cardio Has Got A Bad Wrap


  • We have got to the point where a lot of cardio has a bad wrap
  • Running was encouraged and became very popular because it was deemed safe and easy
  • Something is better than nothing but not all exercise is created equal
  • Chris ran a marathon
  • Chris is humble
  • Once we achieve something it suddenly doesn’t seem so impressive
  • Calisthenics is great for that
  • You can learn a back lever quite quickly and suddenly it isn’t very impressive
  • Like martial arts it is a discipline
  • What’s next?
  • It’s still important to recognise your achievements and take pride in little wins
  • Chris occasionally does endurance events now,
  • He would like to do more though because he is realising as he gets older it is harder to fire up the engines
  • He needs to push it more on the endurance to balance with the strength work that he is doing
  • Going back to running, it has got a bad wrap
  • The strength and conditioning world does suggest your cardio is bad but it may be overdone slightly
  • You do need to be careful and you need to be dedicated
  • If your negative weight (excessive fat) will put more stress on your joints
  • Endurance training is volume work it is an excessive amount of reps
  • You would never do 1000 push ups in a row like that
  • But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it

Alternative Cardiovascular Training Ideas


  • Get better at running and focus on technique
  • When you row keep your back straight
  • If you are on an exercise bike, or just out on the weekend, sit with better posture
  • Teach your body to have better posture rather than being lazy
  • You can get a great CV response from strength training with circuits of simple exercise
  • Great circuit idea: pulls press and bodyweight squats
  • Cardiac shunting pushing the blood to different parts of your body is great conditioning
  • This is very useful but it doesn’t mean your shouldn’t do anything else
  • Everything is relevant everything is applicable if you are in the best place to do it
  • Maybe you need to lose a bit of weight get in better shape before you start running, learn how to better
  • Chris lets me talk for a bit
  • Its important not to forget to do fitness and endurance element of your physical development
  • With compound exercises you are exerting so much energy and force that it could be compared to some cv
  • That doesn’t mean its sufficient enough  to just do pulls and dips
  • What i want is the most effective an efficient methods possible so i can focus on my strength and skills
  • So what I do is called HIIT training . . . 


HIIT Training – High Intensity Interval Training


  • Its become really popular in the last 8 years or so
  • You have loads of different options, in any form it works
  • The basic idea is to work at 100% for a short period of time and then stopping
  • Then repeating it as a cycle
  • This shocks your body and then gives you a quick rest
  • It is horrible but it is super good for you!!
  • It will strip your body of fat and I mix this with my compoundiness for awesome results
  • the rest is as important if not more than the work interval


HIIT Interval Splits


  • Think of the cycle in minute intervals for simplicity
  • So 1 minute might be a 30/30 split (work/rest)
  • When you work you are at 100%
  • When you rest you basically stop and sit at 0%
  • You could try a 40/20 split (work/rest) shorter recovery harder work
  • The other obvious split is 20/40 (work/rest) allowing you to work at your absolute max knowing you have a slightly longer rest


Work Your Ass Off!


  • Whatever exercise you might do it is about pushing as hard as possible with complex movements
  • You really push your heart and lungs and tissue
  • Kettle bells rower bike whatever it is mostly about the work
  • Then the rest gives you the big benefit of improving your recovery speed and ability
  • This helps you recover faster in other situations like when you do strength training 😉
  • It builds serious explosive power because of the nature of the work
  • Its like driving a high performance car
  • If you poodle along at 20 mph you aren’t really working the car properly
  • Really test those heart and lungs
  • Start with 3 sets of 4min
  • Then you can start playing when you are comfortable
  • Switch up the time the sets the intervals the exercises – get creative
  • But there is still a time and place for steady state training


HIIT Training Tips – Avoid Cramping


  • Rhys has a lot to say about HIIT training
  • I don’t do anything complex like stressful exercise
  • I wont do kettle bells or push ups
  • I limit it to sprints cycles and rowing and thats about it
  • This is because i never need to stop
  • You are literally putting your body into shock, so you can easily cramp up in the resting, I do
  • I tell people never to stop because what I have found is that clients also have similar issues particularly when they start off
  • I had been doing really well not to swear until now
  • We will be earning our explicit badge
  • At the end of the 4 minute sets, have a bigger 2 minute break
  • This sis when you can stop but your body wont want to, keep moving stretch etc
  • This biggest benefit of HIIT training is it only takes about 15 minutes
  • You might not be able to walk afterwards because you will have worked so hard, you shouldn’t be able to do heavy exercises
  • 100% on – call it 10% off


The Biggest Benefit Of HIIT Training – Calorie Deficit


  • After that 15 min, your body will continue to burn calories for 6-8HOURS!!!!!
  • This is because your body builds up a debt of oxygen its called EPOC
  • You have expended so much energy that you owe all those calories to yourself
  • It will strip fat off your body because of this


The Other Biggest Benefit Of HIIT Training


  • The only way to strengthen you heart is by training it at 90+ %
  • It is heart attack zone, so you d need to be careful but it does have massive benefits
  • Make sure you get a checkup from your GP  before to check that this is safe for you to do!
  • You may have to build into this, but thats ok, you shouldn’t train to actual DEATH that isn’t productive
  • You can burn a lot of calories doing classes or whatever, but the after burn isn’t as good
  • Whereas HIIT does have a much more effective after burn


Steady State Exercise – We Don’t All Want To Run A Marathon


  • But there is a place for steady state exercise but that is always really haha
  • A walk is great and a lot of people swear by it
  • It is safe and simple
  • I sometimes fall on stairs but not down stairs, up stairs haha
  • Our bodies did evolve for some period of time but wouldn’t often run for prolonged periods
  • The battle of marathon
  • But it is an extreme case
  • The chances are you training is more for fun or health or recreational reasons
  • So you don’t need to run for bloody ages
  • Often the super extreme stuff is specific for people who are training for those disciplines and not for everyone
  • It all works but it is best to do the most efficient so you can work on your goals


Form And Fatigue – Keep The Movement Simple


  • It is simple to do simple exercises because the fatigue will destroy your form
  • Even running s bad for this you see people shuffling and falling along more than running anywhere
  • That old saying “form and fatigue make bad bed fellows – @coachthatch”
  • When you are fatigued and tired your form falls apart
  • When Chris did his marathon he ended up getting a few little injuries and pains as his form fell apart towards the end
  • When you do something that will fatigue you, your skill level your coordination suffers, so keep the movement simple
  • This give you much less risk of injury


The Other Other Awesome Thing About HIIT Training – You Never Get Too Good


  • The good thing about HIIT training is that you never get good at it, you are always pushing 100%
  • Your 100% increases as you develop,
  • it isn’t about the movement it is the amount of force exerted in that period
  • You get the exact same work the same timescale, just your 100% threshold increases
  • It is very simple movements that we have dialed in to work on the stress element rather than the difficult of each rep
  • If you could do 20-30 pull ups or 5 pull ups you get the same kind of cardio output or comparable
  • So you are just flipping that concentration of strength onto the concentration of cardiovascular output but applying it to the same framework
  • Ultimately its about hitting the max you are capable of don’t compare it to the work someone else does


Wrapping It Up


  • I think that about covers it
  • Focus on the movement
  • For me endurance work only comes into play with my gymnastics
  • I don’t go for long runs, I do long walks
  • I don’t focus on long term endurance because I don’t need to do marathons, I’m not interested in it
  • That is why I do HIIT
  • It fits nicely into your life –  its a 15 min workout
  • There is no reason why you cant do it one day
  • Instead of doing reps one day do HIIT
  • One day you may get chased by a wolf
  • You don’t need to run faster than the zombies, just faster than the next guy
  • We talk about the zombie apocalypse phenomena
  • We aren’t scared of nuclear war, aliens, demons, we are scared we create some virus that turns us all into dead running man eating crazies
  • It is a very niche thing
  • Do HIIT and run faster than Dave down the pub
  • Chris wraps it up
  • Leave us a rating and review,
  • Let your friends know
  • Give us some love @coachthatch and @morethanlifting – check out
  • Check out the HIIT video, there is a little one I have as an example
  • We are gonna make some videos of us looking stupid doing stuff
  • Chris did a silly one and fell over doing an olympic lift but he deleted the video (whatever Chris)
  • Fitness fails are awesome!
  • Its fun to laugh at yourself
  • In the next episode we are talking about Skills Training

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