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MoreThanLifting Podcast Episode 33: The 3 Types Of Exercise Variations

In Episode 33 of the MoreThanLifting Podcast, Rhys talks about the 3 Types of Exercise Variations, because you cant just do the same Pull Ups and Dips every workout!

The 3 Types Of Exercise Variations

Once you can do an exercise, like pull ups, you'll quickly want to move on to the next thing. Using these different groups of variations as a guide, you can go from doing the same exercises every day to doing a more interesting variations in every set!

Simple Variations

Simple Variations are the first ones you can progress onto. These are basically the same rep, but with a slight difference, like change of grip.

Don't be fooled though, because they can still be quite a lot harder than the neutral grip equivalent. Something like a Wide Grip Pull Up.

Complex Variations

Complex Variations are the next step forwards. They usually involve a slight change of dynamics, like an extended range of motion.

A good example of this is a Hindu Push Up, where you are doing much more than a simple push rep.

Technical Variations

Technical Variations are the most extreme. The can look quite a lot different than the original exercise because they incorporate different skills into the movement, rather than a grip change.

Front Lever Pull Ups are an example of a technical variation, same as Handstand Push Ups. 

They are usually quite difficult, and will take a lot of training. Luckily I have a great tip for you in the podcast episode, but you'l have to listen to find out 😉

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