MoreThanLifting Podcast Episode 45: Creative Skills Training – More Than Lifting

MoreThanLifting Podcast Episode 45: Creative Skills Training

In Episode 45 of the More Than Lifting Podcast, Rhys shares how you can take your skills training to the next level with creative training ideas.

You aren't always doing full workouts, and you sometimes just want to train your skills and have a mess about. There is nothing wrong with this, in fact I encourage it.

When you are learning a new skill, or working on some progressions, you will find you want to do it all of the time and you can - AND it will help you progress faster!

We go into:

How you can use your rest time to practice

How to fit all the 'should be doing' mobility and functional training

How you can train multiple skills

Why trying and failing at skills is alright

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About the Author

Hey, I'm Rhys and I'm the Coach at MoreThanLifting I am a gymnast, calisthenics enthusiast and personal trainer. I help people get into great shape with bodyweight strength and skill training.

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