The Only Piece Of Training Equipment You Need To Workout At Home

If you need to train at home, you don’t have the time or energy to get down to the gym or local park after work, but you still want to get seriously strong and into great shape – great news, there is only one thing you need to train your whole body at home, and it isn’t expensive or too big to fit through your door.


Introducing The Pull Up Bar!


No it’s nothing new, but it is the ultimate home workout kit!


Forget weights, forget frames and definitely forget about that bench you were thinking of investing in!


You can work almost everything at home with ZERO equipment, so why bother spending money on stuff that will get neglected and live in the attic or garage?


You can do push ups all day, you can do 1 million squats, you can work your core to the death, it is very awkward to work the pull movement in your body without something to hang from.


The door frame pull up bar is a cheap and effective way around it without taking up all of the space of a frame. You can pick one up easily on Amazon for about £10-15 and then you just pop it up every time you are training.


Why Pull Up Frames Are Awesome


I will tell you straight here guys, I love the pull up frame. It is simple small and effective, its small, and you can do a lot more than pull ups on it.


One note, I wouldn’t trust the images on the box, they are a load of rubbish!


Exercises you can do on the pull up frame:

• Pull ups• Hanging knee raises• Scapula pulls• Chin ups• Tuck levers• Lever raises• Front levers• Back levers• Skin the cat – this might be a little difficult for some but you can give it a go• 1 arm pulls and assists• Hanging Lsits• Floor Lsits• Floor Wipers• Tuck Planches• Handstands• The List Goes On!!!!!


The point is you can do loads of stuff on your pull up bar, just by hanging it from your door, when you leave it lying around, you can do all the floor exercises too! The grips work as a nice replacement for parallettes or push up grips but, like I said before, don’t trust all of the images on the box, you cannot do effective dips on it, so don’t waste your time.


My Personal Favourite Exercise


My favourite exercise to do on the pull up bar isn’t a pull exercise at all, in fact you need to have the bar on the floor to do it.


It is an L Sit to Tuck Planche transition, which you can perform for reps, with or without a few seconds hold each end of the movement.


To do this start in an L Sit – you need to be pretty comfortable with this to get anywhere – then bring your legs in to your body as tight as possible and lever from your shoulders keeping your arms locked. You should move comfortably round into the Tuck Planche.


But don’t stop there, take it nice and high, pause, and return to the L Sit. Repeat for a set of 8-10 and you will be smashing it!


As with all of the Calisthenics exercises, there are easy variations and hard variations of this, for instance, you could start tucked, lever round to a low tuck planche, if you cant get your bum high in the air. Alternatively, you could keep going all the way up into a handstand before coming back down.


If you are going to do the handstand variation of this exercise, make sure you come down slow. If you come flying down swinging into the L Sit you are either going to smash your legs into the ground or swing straight through and fall backwards off the frame. Neither of these are going to get you strong, you will probably just hurt a lot, so keep it controlled and take any progressions slowly.


Go to Amazon now and grab one, it will be well worth the effort and certainly the money! You will be able to do much more than push ups in your home as soon as they turn up.


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