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Shroom Tech Sport From Onnit Labs – Supplement Review

Guys, I am not a big advocate of supplements. Packing your body full of powders and pills and sludge mixes all in the name of shady science and marketing lingo is not necessary for getting healthy, and can be very expensive.


Half of them don’t work, the other half is a placebo.


The amount of times I have had heated discussions with people about their use of whey protein . . . It’s not worth thinking about.


But, I have been taking Onnit’s Alpha Brain on and off for over a year now and I love it.


Onnit Shroom Tech Sport


So last time I bought a batch, I scrolled through the Xbrain website (UK Distributor) and decided to give the Shroom Tech Sport a go.


Shroom Tech says it gives you ATP, Adenosine Triphosphate, which is the end sum of creatine takers.


How Does It Work?


ATP is true muscle energy. Creatine Phosphate is combined with oxygen to make ATP in the muscles, which is then utilised by the muscle for energy.


If you are taking creatine, you are doing so in the hope that your muscles will use it to make a surplus of ATP so your muscles literally have more energy. So, as creatine can only be utilised by a small percentage of us – which is why it is always worth testing supplements – I thought I would cut out the middle man and take the pure shit.


ATP cannot be stored in the body, so if you are taking this supplement, you have to use it or you will piss it down the loo. Don’t take it more than and 45 minutes before your workout or you won’t get the full benefit, don’t take it after because it won’t do anything.


I spent the last month testing it before workouts and gymnastics and I can honestly say I have had some great results.


How Did It Do?


What I found is, after exhausting yourself, doing back levers or some other super compound exercise, you don’t just get worn out you get completely knackered really fast.


Taking the Shroom Tech, I have been able to wear myself out, then after about 1-2 minutes breather I can jump back up on the bar.


I tested it with lighter, but still big exercises, pulls, typewriters and leg raises; and found that I can put in my reps, do a few sets, then I would feel like I was done. Fast forwards 2 minutes and I could jump back up and squeeze in another set!


But I think the biggest bonus was training skills. Getting on the Pommel Horse or swinging on the Parallel Bars may not seem like too much effort, but trust me it is. It takes a lot of energy to support yourself on your arms and when doing controlled movements you naturally get exhausted. I have been able to train consistently all session with the Shroom Techs and even when I am really achy and sore, I can still get up and train – great news because I am currently training for a competition.


I’m happy to say I have had great results from Shroom Tech Sport, so good in fact that I have ordered a double batch for this month, because I have to limit my dosages when I only have 30 caps. Now I am going to trial them out more solidly, using them every workout and training session in an attempt to double down on my training this month.


I would like it to be known that throughout the trial I was taking 1-2 caps every other workout and every gymnastics session, this way I could cross reference my results and see if I was just pushing myself further or if the Shrooms were actually working on me.


For me, the Shroom Techs don’t always need to be double dropped. If I am going to the gym for a training session, or if I am only planning on doing a light workout, I would only take a single cap. Remember that you cant save this shit, so you are better off only having one and using it all up, that taking 2 every time and running out without using all of the mushroom goodness inside.


I have realised I am becoming a big fan of Onnit’s products. Being veggie myself the ‘earth grown nutrients’ slogan fits me nicely.


I have been thinking of trialling a few of their other supplements in the coming months, maybe the T+ as avoiding meats can lower your testosterone levels – the building blocks of muscle development.


So cue next month’s supplement trial of Onnit’s T+


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