Beginner Isometric Exercises

Isometrics are hold exercises. they are one of the 3 basic movement types so naturally you have to do them. Most of the big power moves are isometric exercises. Here I am going to show you 5 beginner isometric exercises and why you need to be doing them.   How can I start isometric training? I… Continue reading Beginner Isometric Exercises

Isometric Breathing – How To Hold 1 Minute L-Sits

Isometric exercises are great for strength and conditioning, you can easily get a good workout from a few select exercises held for an extended period of time. The biggest challenge with isometrics is breathing. If you aren’t breathing, you will never last more than 10 seconds. Isometrics use a lot of energy even though they… Continue reading Isometric Breathing – How To Hold 1 Minute L-Sits