The 100 Push Up Challenge Week 17

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The 100 Push Up Challenge Week 17

Rhys Morgan

The 100 push up challenge week 17, we start building the foundation for extreme plyometric push ups. This is a weekly challenge running all Year! Progressively building up from basic push ups to advanced variations like the 1 Arm Push Up.

Yo yo yo!

Rhys here for week 17 of the 100 Push Up Challenge

The weather is getting good over here and I’m feeling great about what the summer has in store for us all - HINT: there is loads of push ups!

If you haven’t been keeping up with the 100 push up challenge you can find the full list of all of the weekly challenges on the 100 Push Up Challenge page.

Now let’s get into this week’s challenge:

The 100 Push Up Challenge Week 17

The Workout

Set 1 - 20 Shoulder Tap Push Ups
Set 2 - 20 Tricep Extension Push Ups
Set 3 - 20 Typewriter Push Ups
Set 4 - 20 Raised Pike Push Ups
Set 5 - 20 Raised Push Ups

How To Do Shoulder Tap Push Ups

Shoulder Taps are the first step towards extreme plyometric push ups like Aztec push ups.

Start in the regular old push up position and lower to the ground.

As you push back up lift one hand to tap the opposite shoulder and return it to the floor.

For the next rep, bring the other hand up and tap the other shoulder.

You go back and forth, left hand tap, right hand tap, until you hit your 20.

When you first try them out, you may need to separate the push up from the shoulder tap movement. As you get better try to bring them together as one clean Push And Tap.

Never Miss A Challenge!

Over the next few weeks we are going to be pulling in some serious progressions that you NEED to be doing if you want to make it to Week 52

The progressions are important because they each build up on the previous to bridge the gap to the next.

I want you to succeed with this challenge just like I want to succeed. It is not an easy task, but we will do it together if we get involved and support each other throughout the year.

Sign up to the challenge and I will send it directly to your inbox each week so you NEVER miss out on a challenge or a progression.

All you need to do is pop your email in the box below!

See you on the inside . . .

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Rhys Morgan

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