The 100 Push Up Challenge – Week 30

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The 100 Push Up Challenge – Week 30

Rhys Morgan

The 100 Push Up Challenge is a Weekly Calisthenics Challenge running all Year! Each week we add a new push up variation to the challenge, getting progressively harder from basic to super extreme!

Yo Yo Yo! Rhys here with Week 30 of the 100 Push Up Challenge!

This week we are adding Trident Push Ups to the mix.

If you missed last week's challenge check it out here - Week 29

Or check out all of the previous challenges on the 100 Push Up Challenge Page!

But for now, let's get into this Week's challenge.

The 100 Push Up Challenge Week 30

The Workout

Set 1 - 20 Trident Push Ups
Set 2 - 20 Thigh Tap Push Ups
Set 3 - 20 Wide Pseudo Planche Push Ups
Set 4 - 20 Cross Hands Push Ups
Set 5 - 20 Grasshopper Push Ups

How To Do Trident Push Ups

Trident push ups are one of those "everyone calls it something different" type push ups.

Think of them as Wide Sphynx Push Ups (Tricep Push Ups from Week 16).

Set up with a wide grip, but slide your hands forwards so they are above or in front of your head.

As you start coming down towards the floor, lower your elbows first, so that your forearms come down onto the ground like the Sphynx Push Ups.

This is going to feel a LOT different to the X Push Ups we did in Week 20, where your elbows stay up like a regular push up.

Sign Up & Join The Challenge

Join the 100 Push Up Challenge and get them hand delivered each week by Carrier Monkeys! Only kidding, but it would be pretty awesome - I actually just send you an email.

Over the next few weeks we are going from middle tier training to some really advanced variations and you don't want to miss any of them, if you are planning on making it to the end of the Year.

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Rhys Morgan

Hey, I'm Rhys and I'm the Coach at MoreThanLifting I am a Personal Trainer, Gymnast & Calisthenics Coach from London. I help people get into great shape with bodyweight strength and skill training.

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