The 100 Push Up Challenge Week 38

The 100 Push Up Challenge is a Weekly Calisthenics Challenge running all Year! Each week we introduce a new push up variation, getting progressively harder each week, from basic to super extreme.

Yo Yo Yo! Rhys here with Week 38 of the 100 Push Up Challenge!

This week we are brining in Tornado push ups!

If you missed last week’s challenge check it out here – Week 37

Or check out all of the previous challenges on the 100 Push Up Challenge Page!

But for now, let’s get into this Week’s challenge.

The 100 Push Up Challenge Week 38

The Workout

Set 1 – 20 Tornado Push Ups
Set 2 – 20 Wall Support Handstand Push Ups
Set 3 – 20 Lalane Push Ups
Set 4 – 20 180 Push Ups
Set 5 – 20 Stability Board Push Ups

How To Do Tornado Push Ups

Tornado Push Ups or 360 Push Ups are pretty scary at first, luckily they aren’t like 180 Push Ups (Imagine that!)

With Tornado Push Ups you are turning 360 like you would spin on your toes standing.

Start like normal, lower yourself to the ground.

As you come up, turn your inside leg in like a grasshopper, and put it on the floor.

Explode off the ground and pull your opposite elbow right back over the top of you to lead the spin.

Land safely on your hands and smash out that next rep!

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Over the next few weeks we are going from middle tier training to some really advanced variations and you don’t want to miss any of them, if you are planning on surviving to the end of the Year.


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