Train Anywhere! How To Stop Relying On Your Gym Membership

At More Than Lifting we know that there is more to training than lifting weights, but how can you train anywhere if you rely on the gym to do it?


It seems almost silly, that people work in little boxes all day, sit in little boxes to get about and then go to communal sweat boxes to get healthy!


Human Flag Train Anywhere More Than Lifting 

Tain anywhere without relying on the gym and develop total body control​


We want you to stop relying on the gym to get healthy, we want to show you how to train anywhere!


Where Can You Train?


You can train at the gym, if you are new to training or have an active gym membership you may want to train down the gym, but you can also train at home, in the local park or even on the street.


The gym is such a serious place, get out in the world and have fun, make your training something you enjoy rather than a chore that requires the latest trainers and a hefty monthly cost.


In reality you shouldn’t have to pay to get healthy, you shouldn’t be so limited in your options that unless you are forking out £50 a month you can’t train. But this is the reality that most people face.


You can train anywhere, literally anywhere!


But is it training anywhere that is the problem, or is it more to do with how to train?


This is another important point because people are only really taught how to lift weights. You can go anywhere on the internet and find a workout for your biceps, or shoulders day, or leg machine exercises, but there isn’t too much about training down the park, or training at home, without weights.


If you seriously want to find something, you will almost exclusively find yoga stuff, or some very extreme calisthenics moves like planche pushups, which are almost always written off as impossible!


Let me tell you that it isn’t impossible!


You can learn to planche, you can learn to do levers and dragon flags, all it takes is a little dedication and the initial knowledge of exercises you can do anywhere.


Calisthenics At Home


You can do a lot of your calisthenics at home, All of your floor isometrics (hold exercises) can quite easily done in your front room, the kitchen, your bedroom if you fancy, where ever you have enough space to lie on the floor.


The thing is most people don’t know what exercises to do at home besides press ups and sit ups.


L-sits, planche practice and handstands can all be done in and around the house without any need for expensive equipment, and will help you get into great shape without having to set for in the gym!


Calisthenics Outdoors


You can also train at the local park, playground or on the street. There are loads of videos on the internet of street workouts, ranging from simple pull ups on a swing or some scaffolding, you can easily lay out a few dips on some railings.


When you think of training outdoors, most people think running. Running isn’t all its cracked up to be, though, certainly not if you want to get strong.


Dragon flags and human flags can be done on lamp posts or sign posts, and you can throw  a handstand anywhere there is a floor!


When you are outside, there is no limit to the exercises you can do, anything can be used to pull push or swing off, not just giving you the opportunity to train, but the opportunity to be inventive with your training, be creative and ultimately reap the rewards of your hard work through the mastering of complex lever exercises that can be performed anywhere without needing a barbell or doing a single bench press.


Remember This:


Getting fit, getting healthy, getting strong shouldn’t be a chore. It should be motivating, it should be rewarding and it should be enjoyable.


How are you going to keep at it when it isn’t engaging?


Make your training engaging. Look forward to training by doing something that you can enjoy. Learn exercises you can do at home or on the bus and take your training around the world with you. You don’t need to rely on gyms any more, you don’t need to wait in line for the squat machine.


Train smart, train anywhere.


Don’t forget to sign up to the free Foundation Workout to get a total body workout that will provide a template for all of your calisthenics training.


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