Welcome To More Than Lifting

Welcome to More Than Lifting, the total calisthenics training site.


Here I will be sharing my tips on progressive calisthenics training, to help you get out of the gym and learn serious body control.


I believe here is more to training than lifting weight and I have started this site to help others get training the right way.


I will be releasing some videos and guides, some home workouts and tips on progressing safely through calisthenics exercises, from the very bottom to the very top.


I started doing weights a few years ago, but I never found it very exciting and often took weeks off at a time because I was never motivated to keep doing the same boring routine every week.


Weight training was never very rewarding for me because adding a few kilos here and there to a bar never taught me anything.


When I discovered calisthenics I found it aligned perfectly with my training philosophy.


Training should be fun, it should be rewarding, you should be able to learn skills or at least see some kind of improvement in your strength through ability rather than purely on size.


If you are new to calisthenics, we can help you, and over the coming months you will find all kinds of tips and tricks to get you well on your way to planching like a machine and much more!


Stay Dedicated To Yourself




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