A Reason To Train – Why I Started Gymnastics And How It Has Changed My Training

Gymnastics, just one of those things I never thought I would identify with!


If you don’t have a reason to train, you will struggle to keep at it, if you have a reason to apply your strength to improve something else, to get better at a sport or something, you will turn up to training every single day with focus and drive.


I used to go to the gym to get stronger, build a bit of muscle. I was under weight, I was weak.


If you are anything like me, you have been to the gym, to gain or lose weight but that was basically it.

 more than lifting gymnastics a reason to train competition

Motivation Doesn’t Last


A few sessions go by, a few weeks, months even. Then you don’t go one day, then you don’t go for a week, then a month. Suddenly you’re back to square one.


This happened to me and has probably happened to you.


Just going to the gym to lose a little or gain a little is fine to start off with, but if you want to stick at it, really benefit and develop yourself, you need to be in it long term.


The problem is motivation doesn’t stick around if you are doing the same thing day in day out with no real progression in the short term. You need a reason to train.


Gymnastics Gave Me A Reason To Change


I started gymnastics purely to use the rings and parallel bars. I had just started calisthenics training and needed somewhere to train on the rings and bars.


We turned up with the impression we were turning up for freestyle sessions. Turns out they don’t do freestyle sessions it was a class.


The coaches said we can use it for training but the class has priority on kit.


So we were doing our training and I was watching the class. It did look fun and everyone seemed to be having a great time.


9 months of classes later and I’m competing in a national competition for men’s gymnastics. I have learned to do back flips! And I have started getting pretty dedicated to my gymnastics sessions training twice a week since September.


I have developed more than ever, faster than ever, and I can’t help myself talking about it. Gymnastics has become my new sport, my reason to train.


back lever gymnastics rings more than lifting


Finding A Reason To Train


I’m not suggesting you should start gymnastics, I would recommend trying it out for a session to help with handstands or levers, but it isn’t necessary.


I’m saying to find something that works for you.


Is it BJJ or another martial art?

Is it rugby or football or another sport?


It is easy to have a Weight goal but what comes afterwards? What happens when you hit it? Do you just stop going?


Having something else will stop you quitting because training will give you some other benefit. Your strength now has purpose and can be applied to something not just worn around.


Your goal may just be back levers or the planche. That’s ok, but what’s the next step? What happens once you can planche?


Don’t quit, find a reason to train and keep progressing, keep developing.


morethanlifting gymnastics dragon flag shoulder support skills calisthenics


This Time Last Year I Couldn’t Handstand


That’s right guys, I couldn’t.


And to compare myself now to where I was last year is insane! I have learned to do things I never thought possible, and I am aiming for things I never imagined.


2 years ago I didn’t even know calisthenics existed, now it is a big part of who I am, now I coach people in this way of training! Crazy right?


Finding your drive, whatever it is that will keep you dedicated, that is the most important aspect of your training.


If you have no reason, you will fall off the wagon in a few weeks and find it harder and harder to climb back on.


Are You Ready To Get Serious?


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