MoreThanLifting Podcast Episode 34: The 5 Common Exercise Variations – More Than Lifting

MoreThanLifting Podcast Episode 34: The 5 Common Exercise Variations

In Episode 34 of the More Than Lifting Podcast, We talk about the 5 Common Variations of exercises. These are basic dynamic movements that can be applied to most of the basic bodyweight movements like pull ups, push ups and rows.

The 5 Common Exercise Variations

Variations come in all shapes and sizes, but you don't want to overwhelm yourself with different variations all at once.

Instead there are 5 Common Variations you can work on that can be applied to multiple exercises (so learning one is like learning 4 different exercises!).

Not all of them work with all of the exercises you can learn, but you will be able to adapt them to suit most Push and Pull Exercises.

One Arm Variations

One Arm Variations are the most obvious, and probably the hardest because they take almost twice as much strength! But, you could be doing one arm push ups and rows well before one arm pulls, so don't wait to include them in your training!

Archer Variations

Archer variations are 'one arm straight' reps. They are a great way of training straight arm strength for planche, levers and handstand press skills. Start with a wide grip, keep one arm straight and smash out those reps!

Typewriter Variations

Typewriter variations are slightly different because they are 'side-to-side' reps. You start wide, and push or pull as normal.

But when you pause at the top, you stop, and move side to side, as if sliding your chin on the bar/floor.

Grip Change Variations

Grip changes are the simplest kind of variation and you should start doing them straight away!

As soon as you get competent at an exercise (10 reps) you can immediately start swapping it out for grip changes in your workouts. Don't wait, progress!

Plyometric Variations

Plyometric variations are explosive. Clap Pull Ups, Superman push ups and more.

They will build awesome strength and are fun, so get involved!

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