MTL Podcast Episode 73: Weighted Calisthenics Training – Adding Weight To Your Reps

In Episode 73 of the Podcast we talk about how you can add weight to your calisthenics training.

More Than Lifting is a podcast all about Calisthenics, Gymnastics & Bodyweight Exercise with Rhys Morgan.

Most strength training is all about increasing the load or weight. With calisthenics we use similar principles but apply them differently, Variations Skills and Progression Exercises.

But you do have 'weighted' options as well, and that is what we get into in this episode.

We talk about how you can add weight to your reps. We cover the 4 main ways you can do it:

Resistance Bands - not quite weight but increasing resistance 

Weighted Vest - adjustables are better

Dipping Belt - you also need weight for this

Ankle Weights - often neglected but very powerful

We also cover the use cases for each and the pros and cons.

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Rhys Morgan

Hey, I'm Rhys and I'm the Coach at MoreThanLifting I am a Personal Trainer, Gymnast & Calisthenics Coach from London. I help people get into great shape with bodyweight strength and skill training.

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