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You know when you see the supersizers at the gym, I mean the proper size goons who have to walk with their arms out at the side because they have so much muscle, the automatic assumption we make is that they are the strongest guys in the room.


Handstand Different Training Methods More Than Lifting 

You can master the handstand quickly with Nervous system training​


Sadly this misconception has cost us a lot of money on expensive training supplements and if we were silly, steroids, in an attempt to make us big, bigger BIGGER!


The truth is there is a guy in the corner, in great shape, but not the same size as those rhino dudes. it is these athletic looking guys, with the gymnast bodies who can do these crazy tricks like handstand push ups. That Is Strength Bro!


In the fitness world, there tend to be two types of training. Cardio and Weights. The problem with this mindset is that you only have 2 options to train.


You are either running for half hour, or you are lifting weights.


But Is That Really All There Is To Training?


The answer is no, it isn’t.


The truth is that the Cardio the world has been fooled into thinking is Cardio training, is actually Endurance training!


I’m sure you are already aware of what is real cardio, and you aren’t going to be happy I’m afraid, it is HIIT training.


There are other ways to train your Heart mind, Plyometric Exercises and intense Circuit Training will also work your stamina and build muscle together!


So we have busted that can of worms right open, lets keep going.


What About Weights?


The thing about strength training is that there are different types of that too!


The first is nervous system training, this is the control aspect of muscle training.


When you are training your nervous system, you are developing the ability to activate your muscles, to utilise the entire muscle, not just the fibres in the middle of it. Nervous system training will enable you to tense that bicep into a super dense mass of muscle that can crush peach stones without blinking.


The second is muscle training, or size training.


What you are doing here is exhausting your muscle fibres, tearing them to build denser ones in their place. Muscle training, or size training is what makes you bigger, it will help you grow into a big strong boy to take on the world with your intimidatingly defined physique.


Whats The Difference?


To train the control aspect, the nervous aspect of your body, you need to train often, but in short bursts. Nervous training is ideal if you want to learn a new skill, like a planche, a handstand, a lever etc.


What you are doing is very short sets throughout the day, or every day. The idea is never to tire yourself, so you train your muscles to use the whole thing. This develops coordination, balance and allows you to use muscles previously neglected.


To get big, you need to play the size game. The size game is the basic template for all gym training, your 3 sets of 10 type training.


This will enable you to destroy your muscles and fill the gap with extra big ones! The downside to this of course, is that you aren’t learning to use more muscle, you are just focused on growing


Similarly with Nervous system training, you aren’t training for size, you are training for control, the ability to use what you’ve got better, or use more of it.


There is also different thinking processes that are going on in your mind. Your approach to training changes when you are coming at it from these different angles, these different intentions.


If you want to develop control, you are going to train all of the time, training your mind to use your muscle, developing the coordination to apply what you have at your disposal to the task at hand. You are essentially skill training and that is really the right way to approach it.


You Are Learning New Skills, New Tricks.


With the muscle training, you are just breaking yourself to rebuild, you are going to train a few days a week, for one extended period or intense period, where you do absolutely 100% of what you can do to make the most of every training session. Between training days you need too rest man otherwise you are just going to hurt yourself from overtraining.


Find Your Medium


You can’t train size and control at the same time, you can find a happy medium, but if you really want to benefit from it, you need to focus on one or the other.


Just like with cardio and endurance training, you can’t do both at the same time. You cannot work for prolonged lengths of time at 90% Maximum Heart Rate. You will pass out, you will hurt yourself, it is not healthy.


What I would recommend is doing cycles. spend a month doing serious size training to pack on a bit more muscle, this isnt going to make you huge but it will increase your strength. Then you can spend a month on the nervous system, getting the skills down with your new found strength.


Then maybe you can go back to the muscle training again for another cycle.


If you want to get serious, you can do endurance reps, training your max reps to get your pull ups above 20 in a row, or maybe your pistols!


Remember this information when you are next training:


If you want to hit your goals, you need to be doing the right kind of training to develop in the right way.


If you want to planche, you probably are going to need a bit more strength, but your training will mostly consist of a load of nervous system sessions, skill sessions, regular short training schedules every day until you develop the control you need.


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