The 100 Push Up Challenge Week 33

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The 100 Push Up Challenge Week 33

Rhys Morgan

The 100 Push Up Challenge is a Weekly Calisthenics Challenge running all Year! Each week we introduce a new push up variation, getting progressively harder each week, from basic to super extreme.

Yo Yo Yo! Rhys here with Week 33 of the 100 Push Up Challenge!

This week we are brining in Pike Wall push ups!

If you missed last week's challenge with Muay Tai Push Ups check it out here - Week 32

Or check out all of the previous challenges on the 100 Push Up Challenge Page!

But for now, let's get into this Week's challenge.

The 100 Push Up Challenge Week 33

The Workout

Set 1 - 20 Pike Wall Push Ups
Set 2 - 20 Muay Tai Push Ups
Set 3 - 20 Wall Push Ups
Set 4 - 20 Trident Push Ups
Set 5 - 20 Thigh Tap Push Ups

How To Do Pike Wall Push Ups

Pike Wall Push Ups are similar to the Raised Pike push ups we did in Week 14.

The difference being, your feet are raised on a wall not on a chair.

This brings the added challenge of pushing back against the wall rather than just resting on a raised platform.

Get on all fours up against a wall, then walk back up the wall with your legs to get into a raised pike position.

As you come down, you will come slightly forwards, keep those feet pushed against the wall!

Pause at the bottom, then push back up to the starting position.

Sign Up & Join The Challenge

Sign up to the 100 Push Up Challenge and get all of the challenges sent directly to your inbox!

This week was Wall Support and Plyometric heavy, but going forwards we have lots of more advanced skill based push up variations coming!

Make sure you join so that you never miss a challenge.

I'll catch you next week.

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Rhys Morgan

Hey, I'm Rhys and I'm the Coach at MoreThanLifting I am a Personal Trainer, Gymnast & Calisthenics Coach from London. I help people get into great shape with bodyweight strength and skill training.

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