The Beginner Triset: Get A Total Upper Body Workout Without Doing Pull Ups

The Beginner’s Triset is a simple set you can use in your own workouts as a framework for lower level drills, variations or finishers.

If you Cant do pull ups, this is the best place to start. With this Triset you can get a complete upper body workout, in just 3 exercises.

That’s pretty powerful. Especially if you cant do anything advanced, and that’s ok because we all start at Level 1.

Starting Calisthenics From Scratch

If you haven’t done ANY Training Ever, or in many years, you may well find that you struggle even with this Triset. Again, that is ok, well done for deciding to make a HUGE change and I am glad to be helping you on your journey.

The Beginner Triset

In the Beginners Triset, we start with the hardest exercise and work down to the easiest. We always do this in our sets and workouts, so no matter what you are doing in your training, you always start with the hardest thing.

This is simply because you have more energy at the start. If you are doing easy stuff to start nd expect to be able to pull off the harder stuff later, you are in for a big surprise.

Check out the Podcast Episode where I go into the Beginner Triset in detail.

The Exercises

Bodyweight Rows

Bodyweight Rows are the Level 1 of Pull Ups, they are kinda like a hanging push up and they are a great back and bicep strength builder.

Check out the full article on Bodyweight Rows here.

Push Ups

Push Ups are The Level 1 Push exercise. They come with an unlimited number of variations so you can never get bored of them.

Also you don’t need anything to do them, so they are ideal for home ad hotel workouts!

Tuck Raises

Tuck Raises are a great core builder for beginners, that will get you off the floor and away from sit ups!

Tuck raises will not only help build up your abs, but because you have nothing to lean against they will work your obliques and the rest of your trunk and lower back.

They are a direct progression to full leg raises and done hanging or supported on dipping bars will strengthen up those shoulders too!

So don’t skip them!

How Does The Beginner’s Triset Fit Into Your Workouts?

Well don’t let the name fool you, the Beginner’s Triset is for more than just the beginner’s among you. If you are just starting out, this is going to become the main point of your strength development.

When you move on to pull ups and dips, you will use this set later in your workout as a lower level set, or for variations.

Then when you move beyond the basics into advanced exercises like the Front Lever, you can use this set for finishers, to squeeze the last ounce of power out of those muscles!

So no matter where you are in your training, The Beginner’s Triset is a great set of low level drills that will help you build strength and control – just make sure they are in the right part of YOUR Workout.

What Comes Next?

As you may have noticed, after this beginner set comes the Foundation Triset.

It is literally the next level.

But if you are looking for a complete Total Body Workout to get started with, check out The Bodyweight Foundation Workout here.


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