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Pull Up Training Tips

Pull Ups Are Hard, most people can’t do pull ups, and people in the calisthenics community forget that, because for us lot, it is considered a basic exercise. Ok, so low level is the wrong word, but it is an exercise you master at the start and then move on to more advanced variations quite quickly.Use […]

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Pull Up Technique – Improve The Quality Of Your Pull Ups

Pull Ups are one of the most infamous bodyweight exercise, and other than push ups are probably the most widely used as well. But pull ups are hard, and most people would struggle to do even one good pull up with a decent range of motion. On this page I am going to show you how […]

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Shroom Tech Sport From Onnit Labs – Supplement Review

Guys, I am not a big advocate of supplements. Packing your body full of powders and pills and sludge mixes all in the name of shady science and marketing lingo is not necessary for getting healthy, and can be very expensive.   Half of them don’t work, the other half is a placebo.   The […]

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30 Challenges In 30 Days – How June Is Going To Be The Most Difficult Month Of My Year

30 days is a long time to hold out a new habit, especially if there is a little resistance. But 30 challenges in 30 days takes it to a whole new level.   I decided to do this after listening to the Menprovement Podcast, there is an episode on there that talks about a guy […]

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Welcome To More Than Lifting

Welcome to More Than Lifting, the total calisthenics training site.   Here I will be sharing my tips on progressive calisthenics training, to help you get out of the gym and learn serious body control.   I believe here is more to training than lifting weight and I have started this site to help others […]

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